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Terms & Conditions
Booking A job
1.1. To make a Booking you must share your complete information. You will receive a Booking request confirmation on email.

1.2. OZZIEE Cleaning will take your contact details, location, requested time and the scope of the Cleaning Service available to their Business network.

 1.3. When a Booking is confirmed by a Business, OZZIEE Cleaning will issue you with an acceptance email that constitutes the relationship between you and the Business for the provision of the Cleaning Services.

1.4. If the requested Booking cannot be facilitated, OZZIEE Cleaning will arrange an alternative time for the Cleaning Service with you.

1.5. You confirm that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority to use the Booking System in accordance with these Terms. You also agree that all information supplied by you in using the email.

1.6. Any speculative, false or fraudulent booking is prohibited. You agree that the Bookings booked will be legitimate Bookings for you or another person for whom you are legally authorized to act.

1.7. OZZIEE Cleaning has the right at any time to add, change or withdraw bookings due to unforeseen circumstances at its own discretion.

2. Payment

2.1. You agree that at the time of Booking, your payment details will be transferred to OZZIEE Cleaning either by card or bank transfer. OZZIEE Cleaning may check the availability of funds on your nominated payment method to ensure sufficient funds are available if you opt for a card payment.

2.2. Funds need to be transferred before the clean has been completed based on the invoice shared.

2.3. On receipt of the Payment Amount, OZZIEE Cleaning will hold the Payment Amount on behalf of the Business until such time as they are remitted to the Business, refunded to you (if you are entitled to a refund) or transferred to OZZIEE Cleaning in payment of our fees and charges. No interest will be payable by OZZIEE Cleaning to you or the Business on amounts held by OZZIEE Cleaning..

2.4. OZZIEE Cleaning will issue you with an invoice if you request. Otherwise it will provide you with a receipt confirming the amount and date the booking occurred.

3. Changes and Cancellations

3.1. You can cancel or amend a Booking on for free of charge, up to 24 hours before the Cleaning Service is scheduled to begin.

3.2. If you cancel or amend a Booking within 24 hours before the Cleaning Service is scheduled to begin, you will have to pay cancellation costs.

3.3. You cannot amend, extend or cancel a Booking during the performance of the Services.

3.4. The Cleaning Agreement shall expire once the Cleaning Services under the Booking have been performed.

3.5. If the Business is unable to fulfill a confirmed Booking (in full or part), we will attempt to find you a replacement Business. If we cannot find you an alternative Business, we will reschedule your Booking to a new time which suits you. If we cannot find a suitable time for you, you may cancel the Booking at no charge.

4. Cleaning Services

4.1. OZZIEE Cleaning operates the Website as a third party facilitator for the Cleaning Services and provides you with the platform to purchase the Cleaning Services.

4.2. OZZIEE Cleaning uses their best efforts to monitor the Cleaning Services offered by a Business. However, OZZIEE Cleaning does not make any representation as to the safety, quality, condition or description of any products used for Cleaning Services provided by a Business. Any issues regarding safety, quality, condition or description should be notified to OZZIEE Cleaning, who will then pass the issue onto the Business designated to your Booking. You should refer to the terms and conditions of your Cleaning Agreement for further information.

4.3 All bookings are subject to Business availability.

5. Business Ratings

5.1. You can post reviews on the Website for the Cleaning Services provided

5.2. Ratings must be based on demonstrable facts. They must be written fairly and objectively and must not contain any content which is offensive or abusive, liable to criminal prosecution or otherwise unlawful (e.g. content which infringes third parties’ intellectual property rights). Ratings which violate this clause will not be published or will be deleted. Ratings will identify the User that has posted the Reviews.

5.3. By sending in a Review, you grant OZZIEE Cleaning, free of charge, the usage rights to the text of the..

5.4. OZZIEE Cleaning will have the right to deal with the Review in any manner it sees fit, including using it for further rating services, passing it on to third parties or publishing it.

6. Dispute Resolution Policy

6.1. OZZIEE Cleaning will use reasonable endeavors to mediate any dispute concerning the use of the Website.

6.2. Disputes in relation to the Cleaning Services carried out by a Business or any other issue will. Be referred, where appropriate, to external dispute resolution services or authorities.

7. Security of Payment

7.1. We have taken all practical steps from both a technical and systems perspective to ensure that all of your information is well protected. A secure payment gateway is used to process all transactions and credit card details. OZZIEE Cleaning does not give any warranty or make any representation regarding the strength or effectiveness of the secure payment gateway and is not responsible for events arising from unauthorized access to your information.

7.2 OZZIEE Cleaning reserves the right to deduct any outstanding fees and charges owing to OZZIEE Cleaning.

7.1 We accept only Bank Transfers / Pay By Card: ALL CARDS accepted with a 2.2% surcharge on phone virtual payment systems. NO CASH ACCEPTED, EVEN IF Cleaners ASKS. Payments must be made half an hour before completion of the job; thus, we reserve the right to ask for an initial deposit to confirm your booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough balance to pay the cleaner before the completion of the job as directed by the accounts team. It is the client’s responsibility to share the accounts closer receipt to the company via email , cleaner or text update.. We reserve the right to charge the payment from your credit card in between the job/completion of the job.

7.2 You may not withhold any part of the agreed price. In such a situation, the payment requested will also have an estimate of time that may take to complete the clean. If payment is not made in full in this situation, the cleaning will not start until such time the full payment is made. If any dispute arises on the payment amount and cannot be resolved at that time, we reserve the right to refuse to clean until the time full payment is made.

7.3 In fixed price quotes Payments must be made a day before or in advance of the team reaching the location. Failure to pay an agreed amount can lead to cancellation of services with no liability. We reserve the right to charge the payment from your credit card before job start or you can make bank transfer and share receipt.

7.4 After the minimum number of hours charged , there will be an increment of half an hour. We guarantee for all jobs we perform. See below our Liability Matrix, we guarantee only for the tasks carried out by us or by our agents. We do not guarantee the tasks carried out by you or your agents.

8. Privacy

8.1. OZZIEE Cleaning collects and stores the personal information you enter into the User Profile. The personal information collected by OZZIEE Cleaning will be maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy available on the Website.

8.2. You agree that OZZIEE Cleaning will disclose your personal information, including your name, address and phone number to Business in order for the Business to carry out the Cleaning Services.